“The value of deals among North American packaged food companies this year is nearly $67B”


What is Kindustry?

Kindustry is a food incubator that helps artisanal entrepreneurs take their business to the next level. We select the most promising crop of makers twice a year from across the United States and accelerate and elevate their retail potential by providing kitchen space, food science, access to automation, marketing, and introductions to retail. With the brightest and most experienced minds in food production and business, we give you the mentoring, training and connections to take your great idea to market. Whether you are just starting out or already have a product in development, let’s blow this up.

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What does Kindustry do for Makers?

Kindustry is designed to take participants from Makers to Masters. Bringing goods to market requires a host of skills to succeed. We help you achieve a polished, well rounded, high-functioning product and presentation, and provide free kitchen space while you hone your craft. Topics from recipe development, shelf life, shelf presence, online marketing and retailer promotion are just some of the skills we teach you. If your product has potential to go big, we give you the knowledge, connections and juice to get you there.

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What is the selection process?

Auditions are held twice a year in our Los Angeles location. Auditions are held in our Los Angeles location. Join us for a fun evening of Makers sharing their good taste with industry leaders. A panel of professionals from a wide range of industries including professional chefs, retail executives, marketing directors, investments strategists, with a well known guest star chef (to keep it interesting) make up our evaluation team. We review your application, conduct a panel interview and sample your product for potential, talent and market desirability.

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How can I participate?

Sign up, fill out the application, submit online. Sign up to receive our newsletter, be informed of upcoming events and mark you calendar for the next Kindustry auditions. Once you are accepted to participate in an audition, we share the paperwork with you for our partnering parameters that includes a vested 10% interest in your company. It’s an important step and we want you to have plenty of time to review, understand and agree to those parameters in advance of your audition.

Now you have time to prepare. Get your story straight. Show us the goods. Tell us why you’re different and how you’re great and who’s running this show, what separates your individuals from the herd and why and who the customers are and everything in between. Develop the 2, 5 and 15 minute pitches for your audition, and if you are selected, you’ll have the opportunity to have your 15 minute pitch video taped for posterity. Testament to the beginning of your journey.

We hope to hear from you soon. We’re excited to see your delicious ideas. And we look forward to welcoming you to your place at the table.

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